Combating misinformation and flawed logic as a fitness coach feels a bit like trying to share a news story during the 2020 federal election. Every piece that proverbially floats across your desk is riddled with bias, deceit, and false promises. Then, it’s spun in a way that makes you feel better about yourself and conveniently tells a story that’s more in line with your own agenda.

One such notion is the idea that every training program or fitness journey implies a binary, all-or-nothing mentality. Either your best effort or no effort — nothing in between. …

This week, I’m going to hit the high note right at the beginning of this essay. So if you don’t feel like reading it all, your key takeaway is as follows:

Life is heavy and unforgiving. Your training should reflect that.

We’re living in an unprecedented time that has more and more followers looking for fitness advice online. Consequently, we reward and gravitate towards what looks the best, with seemingly no regard or appreciation for the practice.

Days feel long, but the months are going fast. Yet somehow, it feels like we’ve gotten nowhere (literally and figuratively).

I’m becoming more…

About a year ago, I posted a video on Instagram with the caption, “I QUIT MY JOB,” to announce just that — I had quit my job, and was committed to growing The 1440 full-time.

In that caption, there’s a line that reads, “committing yourself to something that you feel at your very core is your work.

Damn. That sounds pretty slick right? Some of you read that and feel inspired. Some of you read that and feel frustrated. You begin looking around and asking, “am I doing my work?

What is your work?

At the time of the post…

Photo by Martin Adams on Unsplash

In some ways, it feels like I’ve been scratching the surface of this essay for the last several months as I’ve grown more impatient and somewhat disenfranchised with technology in the fitness industry. Please understand I’m aware of the paradox I hold as someone who directly benefits from things like mobile apps, social media, and a website to be successful as a fitness coach and trainer.

With that, a new layer of frustration, distraction, and fragility has been introduced that I can’t seem to recall during the time that I fell in love with strength and conditioning nearly 10 years…

Now, I know that not everyone is looking to set up their home gym with the intention of running a fitness coaching business. However, approaching the build out with this mentality will help you maximize space as well as create a space that you’re excited to workout in every day.


It seems obvious, but there are usually 2 or 3 spaces in your house that you might be considering turning in to your home gym, each of which will require specific considerations in your build out and equipment selection.


The basement is a great option if you have the ceiling…

We find ourselves in an interesting conundrum these days. There’s just so much to talk about! The election, climate change, systemic racism, coronavirus, social injustice, back to school, and everyone’s favourite, the weather.

Information has never been easier to come by. You’d have to terminate your wifi and wireless plan to fall out of touch, and even then, the news would find you.

I find myself struggling to reconcile the difference between what I’m seeing on my news feeds and what’s taking place in my community. I’m by no means so naive to think that if I can’t see the…

Up until a few hours ago, today’s Forty Friday was just an item on my to-do list than I planned on accepting failure to complete this week. I took the autonomy of self-employment for granted, and decided that missing one week wouldn’t be the end of the world. I mean, it’s just one week… right?

By now, you’ve probably guessed that this line of thinking is the slipperiest of slopes.

I’ll just hit snooze this one time and sleep in — it’s no big deal. Besides, my body is tired so I probably need the rest anyway.

I’ll just have…

When was the last time you heard a really good story? I’m talking about the kind that stays with you — vivid details and all — for a week, or maybe even a month. The kind that you recite other people with a level of enthusiasm and gesticulation that would suggest the experience was your own.

Here’s a better question, when was the last time that story was yours?

Most of us (including me), can’t think of the last time we heard or told a story like that.

I just started reading Sea Stories: My Life in Special Operations by…

Health and longevity — doesn’t that phrase feel good? It’s got a nice ring to it indeed, and we love aligning ourselves with the idea that all the things we’re balancing in our lives are in fact in pursuit of health and longevity.

I had this conversation with a few clients this week, and there seems to be a disconnect between our association with health and longevity, and the habits and behaviours that we demonstrate in pursuing it. To be clear — this incongruence between aspirations and behaviours is not only assigned to those deemed “unhealthy” based on appearance alone…

What a headline, right? Who am I to tell you how, what, and when to eat? Let’s start there — eating is more than a physical experience — it’s emotional beyond measure, and we’ve all experienced the way that emotion can sometimes cloud our judgement in making rational, logical, and dare I say, obvious choices about the food we eat.

I’m not going to share anything groundbreaking in regards to nutrition and how (in my experience) you should approach your nutrition. …

Greg Nyhof

The philosophy of physical training, the application of exercise, and stories about strength: the ability to overcome. More at

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